A museum geek abroad…

Living in Kuching. Working in a museum. Doing other random fun stuff!


Fishing boats on Sungai Sarawak,  Kuching, 2017.

I’m living in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo for the next 5 months. I’ll be taking a break from my job in a museum in Manchester and volunteering on a project to create a new museum for Sarawak. Interspersed with travels around Borneo.

Working in another country is on my bucket list. I’m an avid traveller but the strictures of work limit me to short holidays. Scarcely long enough for an adventure, let alone to gain real insight. My surface-skimming travels to date have been mainly experiencing the natural world through scuba, photography, hiking and a little internal exploration through yoga. All these things may feature a little here too.


It’s amazing what a bit of fear of mortality can do for one’s motivation. I reckon the Borneans get this. Antique trophy skulls on display in the model longhouse, Sarawak Museum (old ethnographic museum) 2017.

3 things made me realise I had to stop procrastinating and make a bigger plan. I was hit by a wave of age-induced impatience, my marriage ended and I realised I’d been beavering away at my beloved career in museum exhibitions for a decade… and maybe didn’t know quite what to do next.

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